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Friday, 31 October 2014 00:00

This outdoor art exhibition tells a story of Lawrence Avenue, featuring portraits of people who live, work and play in this community. Photos were taken by young local artists who have spent months learning about photography and exploring the vibrant neighbourhood of Wexford Heights. We are Lawrence Avenue is installed all around you, from Kennedy Rd. to Pharmacy Ave., on transit shelters, a billboard and in the windows of a local building. Learn more at


Tuesday, 30 September 2014 15:59

Check out Pili Pili take-out restaurant every weekend for new weekend specials. They are announced every week around Friday and have a great assortment. Check out the images below for some of their past weekend and special event special menus. For weekly updates, Like them on Facebook at

Monday, 08 September 2014 17:14

On September 13 & 14, the Cultural Hotspot features the Cultural Loop Animation Weekend. This weekend is a great opportunity to explore the Hotspot in Scarborough and to take part in the many events scheduled over the two days. There are readings, Bluffer's Park Photo Competition awards, tours, exhibitions and more!  Please see and share the attached flyer shown below.

Please join us on September 13 from 1 - 2 p.m. for the launch of the Cultural Loops Guide, a series of self-guided tours developed to encourage residents and visitors alike to explore the Hotspot. We'll also be unveiling Creekside - the Eastern Gateway Mural designed and painted by artists from Mural Routes. There will be official remarks, performances and food. The launch and unveiling take place in from of the Creekside mural in Highland Creek Village at 277 Old Kingston Rd.

Also, there are several key events and activities to come in the Cultural Hotspot, in October -including the We Are Lawrence Avenue exhibition, the Youth Arts Pitch Contest (in partnership with ArtReach) and the NEXT Showcase (in partnership with Manifesto Community Projects and UNITY Charity.)   Please continue to add your events to the calendar at!

Tuesday, 02 September 2014 15:01

Business Name & Address
Mogo Financial, 104- 2130 Lawrence Ave E,, 1-800-980-6646

Brief description of your business

We are a short term financial service company, we offer our customers the choice of loaning online or at our retail stores.
We are up to 90 % cheaper than any Payday loan in Canada or regular cash advance services.
We are out to disrupt the financial services in Canada, small loans and FREE Prepaid Visa cards are only the beginning.

How long has your business been operating in the Wexford Heights area?

We have been operating in Wexford Heights area since February 2007.

Why did you pick Wexford Heights?

Great store location, very assessable to our customers by Transit or walking, lots of parking space.

What makes your business special?

The internet has helped bring a new level of convenience to so many things and we think consumer lending should be next. Borrowing money shouldn’t be full of hassles, headaches and waiting for an approval. Instead, there should be transparency, anytime accessibility, multiple options and the ability to earn better rates and terms, even if you have less than perfect credit. This will be the future of consumer lending and we’re focused on leading the way.
We’re starting with an innovative line of short term loans that challenge conventional wisdom by giving people access to smaller amounts that are meant to be paid back quickly. Long term loans are next, and we’re working hard to launch them as soon as we can. Our “level up” program lets people with not-so-good credit work their way to better rates. Our goal is simple: convenient online access to a full range of loans, no matter what your situation.

Most interesting thing you've witnessed in the neighbourhood?

The Taste of Lawrence is always exciting. Lots of food, drinks, crafts and entertainment. Everyone always seems to be having a great time. This is a great event to help grow your business.

What has changed about your business since you first opened?

Well, we think it’s time for a change, and believe there’s been a real lack of innovation in Canadian financial services. We believe that consumers want more convenient and innovative solutions delivered in a simple and transparent way. We also think that adding a little fun and excitement may be just what the doctor ordered.

What do you enjoy most about your business?

The personal customers interactions. The majority of our revenue are generated from our repeat customers who have been using our services for years.

What is your customer's favourite thing about your business?

We think that one of the biggest problems with consumer credit is that most banks don't want to deal with you unless your credit is perfect. We've designed a model where even people with bad credit can get approval. With our unique Level Up program every loan you pay back helps you earn points towards unlocking the next level, giving you access to more options, lower rates and more money.

Any exciting news or events happening in the next 6 months in your business?

We are about to launch term loans that are suited for consumers with good to great credit, making Mogo the first and only online lender in Canada to offer a full spectrum of loans for anyone looking for fast and convenient access to money, regardless of their credit. Our term loans will start at rates as low as 6.99% on a 3 year term with amounts up to $25,000. All delivered through the same convenient and transparent online experience.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014 12:44

Want to create a mediterranean theme in your space? Come check out our line of gorgeous mosaic chandeliers and lamps straight from Turkey! In addition, check out some of the specialty genuine rings from Turkey (*Only sold in store) as well as a great variety of accessories that make for great gifts, from keychains to pendants and rings! Visit Al-Isra at 2088A Lawrence Avenue East, call 416-755-8666 or check out their website at