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Wednesday, 17 July 2019 08:17

Thank you for being a part of the 2019 Taste of Lawrence Festival and making this year a huge success!

Special thank you to all of our sponsors for their generous contribution to make Taste of Lawrence an unforgettable event!

See you next year!

Thursday, 02 May 2019 10:37


Unique project launches at Wexford Heights Plaza in July

As strip malls go, Wexford Heights Plaza is famous already.

It’s inspired a feature film, a documentary about its Wexford Restaurant, and an interactive walking tour.

Still, expect it to gain more notoriety this summer as it hosts plazaPOPS, an experiment in giving passersby something new to see and visit.

Launching at the Taste of Lawrence street festival in July, plazaPOPS lets the community comment on six potential designs — featuring a colossal loom, a stopover for birds, and a programmable community food truck, among other things — by April 12.

What’s chosen may be a hybrid, but plazaPOPS is a chance to try some possibilities for a retail model still common on Toronto’s suburban streets, says project co-lead Daniel Rotsztain.

Plazas are where small businesses set up in places like Wexford in Scarborough. They’re de facto community centres, places where people meet, he added.

Some plaza businesses are thriving, but others aren’t, and “blight is not good for anyone,” said Rotsztain, who has interviewed plaza owners, customers and business owners on what can be done.

Esthetic improvements were welcomed, he found, as long as they bring more people into the plaza. PlazaPOPS tries to do that, Rotsztain said.

“The whole ethos of the project is supporting small businesses.”

Co-lead Brendan Stewart, a landscape architecture professor at University of Guelph, had his students provide the designs, Rotsztain got financial backing from the city and advocacy group Park People.

He secured unanimous support from the Wexford Heights Business Improvement Area, and the project is starting to look like it could be replicated on other suburban streets.

University of Toronto students are creating economic metrics to measure its success, Rotsztain said.

Anthony Kiriakou, who owns the plaza and the family-run diner bearing the neighbourhood’s name, believes plazaPOPS is good for business.

“I like something that’s eye-catching,” he said.

“At least like this, you are on the map.”

The project will occupy eight to 10 parking spots, and while getting rid of parking can be “pretty tense,” Rotsztain said many business owners and customers would sacrifice a little.

Open houses for PlazaPOPS are coming to the Arab Community Centre of Toronto on April 12, from 4 to 8 p.m., and the Victoria Village Hub on April 13, from noon to 4 p.m.

Sunday, 10 March 2019 06:21


DATE: Sunday March 24TH, 2019

TIME: Noon til 3pm

LOCATION: Ellesmere Community Centre, 20 Canadian Road, Scarborough, ON M1R 4B4

Tuesday, 25 September 2018 16:00



Incredible Murals at RT Stations & Independent Projects in Scarborough

Nuit Blanche Toronto is this Saturday, September 29 in Downtown Toronto and lands in Scarborough for the first time this year! Thanks in advance for helping us to spread the word about the vibrant projects scheduled from sunset to sunrise.


Key event information:

  • Nuit Blanche Toronto is from 7 pm to 7 am in Downtown Toronto, Scarborough Civic Centre and Scarborough Town Centre. All free. All ages.
  • Find full program details about Scarborough projects at

Getting around:

  • At Scarborough Town Centre, Borough Drive will be closed between Brian Harrison Way and Town Centre Court starting at 8 pm, Saturday, September 29, until 9 am, Sunday, September 30.
  • Enjoy FREE, all-night service on Line 3 Scarborough (RT) from 7 pm on September 29 to 7 am on September 30.

Event highlights:

  • Curated by Tairone Bastien, the City-produced exhibition The things they carried has six projects in Scarborough—five murals at Scarborough Rapid Transit stations and a multipart installation sited at Scarborough Civic Centre and Yonge-Dundas Square.
    "Be sure to disembark at each station between Kennedy and Scarborough Town Centre to experience the vibrant work of five artists from Toronto’s graffiti and street-art scene," says Bastien. "The artists' large-scale murals visually translate the Tower of Babel legend and provoke a sense of wonder and surprise.”
    In addition, the exhibition has two projects in Downtown Toronto, the International Dumpling Festival with Ken Lum and On Flashing Lights with Brendan Fernandes. All projects are made possible with funding support from the Government of Ontario through Celebrate Ontario and the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund.
  • Enjoy 11 Independent Projects at Scarborough Civic Centre and Scarborough Town Centre: RebirthLong Distance RelationshipRISEAfroscannedah me dhatThe Faces of ScarboroughThe Scarborough SignYou're HereAn Atlas of ScarboroughInterlacingPortrait of a Street.
  • Curated by Alyssa Fearon, the City-produced exhibition STYLL has 10 projects at Scarborough Town Centre and Scarborough Civic Centre.

Project Spotlight: Mirrors of Babel: Kennedy Station – little g

The mural little g by Javid Jah at Kennedy Station is one of the five works in the stations along the RT, created by Toronto-based artists in response to eL Seed’s multipart installation Mirrors of BabelMore...


Project Spotlight: Mirrors of Babel: Lawrence East Station – Universal Language

Universal Language is the story of one woman’s journey across a divided land and her will to overcome the borders that surround her, says artist Shalak Attack. More...


Project Spotlight: Mirrors of Babel: Ellesmere Station – Am I Okay?

Tabban Soleimani’s immersive work, Am I Okay? employs figures that tumble across multiple surfaces and text that stems from a life-altering moment in the artist's life. More...


Project Spotlight: Mirrors of Babel: Midland Station – Natural Love

Natural Love by Planta Muisca depicts an immersive jungle full of objects, figures and designs that reference the Indigenous cultural imagery of Central and South America. More...


Project Spotlight: Mirrors of Babel: Scarborough Centre Station – Mord'iim

Drawing the title for his mural, Mord'iim, from the Hebrew word for “rebel,” MEDIAH is deeply concerned with humankind’s experiments in the human genome, artificial intelligence and space colonization. More...


Be sure to experience 11 Independent Projects at Scarborough Town Centre and Scarborough Civic Centre created by cultural institutions, educational organizations, individual artists and producers.


Project Spotlight: Long Distance

Long Distance Relationship is an interactive, two-part light-and-shadow installation that will attempt to create relationships at remote distances by connecting participants in Downtown Toronto and in Scarborough More..


Project Spotlight: The Scarborough Sign

Scarborough-based multidisciplinary artist MEDIAH will paint live on the 36-foot-long Scarborough Sign to start off the evening on September 29. This street-performance-style public-art installation blurs the lines between post-graffiti art and dynamic abstraction. More...


Project Spotlight: Afroscanned

Afroscanned is an exploration of diversity and 3D scanning as a way to increase diverse representations of digital futures. The installation features 3D-scanned volunteers as digital avatars that are then project-mapped onto an artfully designed series of boxes. More...


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Thursday, 03 May 2018 10:47

You are welcome to join us at Wednesday, May 9th from 4pm to 6pm for the launch of the 2018 Cultural Hotspot Launch at the Malvern Town Centre (31 Tapscott Rd.). To RSVP, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 416-392-1214