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Friday, 04 January 2019 06:32

Canada Summer Jobs - Government subsidy for hiring during the summer

After consulting with Canadians, we’ve made several changes to CSJ to make sure it serves all Canadians better:

We’ve made the program more accessible: All youth aged 15 to 30, not just students, can now apply to CSJ-funded jobs.

We’ve made it easier to apply for funding: By applying online through Grants and Contributions Online Services (GCOS), you can apply and track your application status, sign agreements, manage active projects, submit supporting documents, and review past projects submitted through GCOS, among other benefits. For the step-by-step process to create a GCOS account, click here.

We’ve made it easier to hire youth: All approved jobs will now be posted automatically to our improved Job Bank website and app, the Government of Canada’s leading source for jobs and labour market information. This will allow youth to find all CSJ-funded jobs in one place, and allow employers to reach out to a greater potential audience to find the right person for the job.

For CSJ 2019, applications should demonstrate that they will create quality work experiences for youth, provide youth with opportunities to develop and improve their skills, and respond to national and local priorities to improve access to the labour market for youth who face unique barriers.

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